Sunday, November 16, 2008

The zen of cleaning a home

I am slowly learning how to clean my home better. When things were newer, it was easier to make things shine, look neat.

Now, at almost 13 years old for most of the things in this house, since it's initial building, short of some painting, it's all feeling a bit worn. What I would probably look at as character in other's homes feels like sadly abused bits and pieces in mine. Perhaps my memory of what they looked like, new construction, all shiny, taints my view. It does not help that like most homes built in the budgeting of today, it has little natural character. So, a bit of restoration begins, and hopefully, a little bit of inexpensive character adding. A little ammonia to soak into the grunge of the floor of the laundry room, which is also the entry from the garage. A little extra scrubbing of the hard water collection around the shower.

I started thinking, my house and I are a lot alike. It takes a little more to polish me in the morning than it used to, a bit more to make me shine than when I was newer to the world, but with just a little thought, it seems I have a bit more character,

Maybe we're both finally settling into what we are supposed to be for the long haul.

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