Friday, December 25, 2009

firing it up again...

Missing the blog, missing the freeform, tired of just living behind the firewall or inside facebook.

So, why not go retro with 10 random thoughts?

1) Merry Christmas. I don't celebrate it, and the ex didn't want to when we were together, even though he grew up celebrating it. I haven't ever really enjoyed the big family get-together holiday... middle child syndrome requires that I just watch while everyone else does stuff that doesn't really float my boat. I hoped that would change when I got older and hosted my own family get-togethers. But since I don't, it hasn't. I hope to find those 'happy holidays' that some people mention someday.

2) Cleaning out my house (per flylady) of all the things I don't love. Last week, the kitchen. This week, the closet. Who has time in this short life for things we don't love? Working on cleaning my life up similarly.

3) Does age automatically mean you look for comfortable shoes?

4) I redid my budget. I love how annual bills kinda show up about a month before I think they are supposed to show up. Grrrr.

5) My laundry: Will you put it away for me? Um, yeah, thanks. I'll bake you something in return. Someday. Really.

6) For those keeping track and expecting notice, my hair is chin-length and dark-brown-burgundy-red-something or other. Yeah, I don't know either.

7) Today I am grateful for: my daughter, comfy clothing, naps, electronics. I try to remember 4 things every day.

8) I have a dozen projects to do. I'll be glad if I get through a small one this weekend.

9) Perfect hard-boiled eggs: Put eggs in pot, fill with water until just submerged. Bring to a fast boil. Cover, remove from heat, and let sit for 17 minutes. Cool fast by filling pot with ice or very cold water.

Hard-boiled eggs are just about the perfect food.

10) I like lists. Hope to keep doing them (again) for a while.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Byn's rules of clutter-proofing:

1) You cannot organize clutter.
2) In order to NOT have clutter, everything must have a place.
3) The place that things go must NOT be a surface (ie. top of counter, desk) that is to be used for something else.
4) Nothing that must be handled (bills, forms etc.) should ever go in a drawer. If it can't see daylight, it will never get done.
5) You are only allowed 1 (one) junk drawer. If you don't know what it is, and haven't figured it out in 6 months, throw it out.
6) Broken things must be thrown out if not fixed within 1 month
7) Except for special occasion things, you must donate everything you have not worn in a year.
8) An unpaired sock only has a week to find it's mate.

These are the ones I'm working on, to start. What are yours?