Monday, November 3, 2008

Home shopping network

From my early days of online shopping to my '30 days of consumer whoring' that I attempted on my blog years ago, I realize that I love the thrill of the web hunt. (My current search is the perfect Wii bundle, by the way.) And I appreciate well-made and well-styled products, as well as knowing when cheap is good enough, and it better be darned cheap. Cheap, well-made AND well-styled? Holy moly, I'm so there! I am pretty product loyal, and I love sharing what I find with others, because lo and behold, they actually sometimes like what I like!

My friends know I am forever loyal to It's easy, I can shop at 3am, they give bonus dollars, sure. But at the end of the day, I'm tired of going to the store to find that my favorite shampoo is no longer made, and standing like an idiot for 10 minutes trying to figure out 'what now?' It's less likely to happen at drugstore, since they have a larger audience, and when it does, I can research ingredients online, and not aisle-stand perusing. I have sensitive skin, I color my hair, I'm very price-sensitive. Online shopping works for me. They're the online presence of Rite-Aid, so they have a clue. For the second time in all the years I've been ordering from them, the delivery had product leaking all over it. Last time they did a reship. This time, since I figured based on the packaging issue that it would happen again, I asked for a refund, and they did. Their prices are comparable, and this week I found out they are partnered with upromise so I hope I see some college savings as well!

Nope, I don't get nuttin' for telling you this. Just thought I'd tell you busy folks some stuff I know. Got places you shop online with good service and good deals? Tell me! :)

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gnickers said...

Byn, i do all my computer shopping at and have been a happy customer for years.

They don't charge local sales tax (8% elsewhere in this country) and ship using low cost postal service. No good for you i know, but hey up here in Canada we also love a bargain!