Saturday, November 22, 2008

One of those days at home

I started this morning making BACON. Oh my word, my daughter uses that word like it's nectar of the gods. She uses it like some kids say "Um". It's a filler word, perhaps a nervous habit. Truth be told, she's passed it on to her friends. They've picked foods of the month. I think 2 months ago it was pizza. Last month, tacos. This month, BACON.

She was thrilled with her bacon and egg sandwich.

I cleaned hurriedly and extensively around the house and began the laundry dig. I let my daughter throw the laundry from her room over the banister from the upstairs landing. It's her favorite silly laundry task. She then sorts it into the hampers I've set up for colors.

Afterward, we dressed ourselves and went to the store to pick up a few essentials. With her allowance, she bought a lil'kinz, to add to the insane Webkinz collection she has. This one, a horse, she named Gallup. She also bought a Nick magazine.

We came home, ate lunch (well, she did, I was still full from breakfast, I had a few carrots to her turkey and cheddar on wheat with Dijon mustard) and then were off to the store with my troop co-leader to buy art supplies for our special art project day, our special meeting.

We set up, and the troop came to the house for painting art canvases, yarn painting and making door hangers, along with a snack.

2 hours later, they were all gone, and I was on to making pork chops, some corn, and random vegetable nibbling (raw broccoli, mmmm).

The Webkinz registration began while I caught up on some CSI via DVR. Then we cleaned the kitchen together, put away some laundry, and I got a tour of the Webkinz house.

I must mention, the entire day I was tuned in via PC or iPhone to Facebook, giggling at the plethora of high school friends photos I was both party to and not. Laundry went on. Cleaning in assorted ways here and there.

This day, it's a lot like every other day. But somehow, it seemed better. I don't know why, but it just made me want to smile. A lot.

I want more of these.


Kevin said...

seems like you DID have a day that went well. The climax of the day was SL and then reading this. Knowing that through the trials you have to deal with, you got a day like this, makes me....sleepy. it's late.

byn said...

Actually, Kevin, that day was Saturday. Sunday was dig through files day :) It was great hanging out with you after 23 years or so! ;)

gnickers said...

My little guy has discovered pancakes. They are usually breakfast or brunch but with choc chips added and ice cream on top they become dessert...

Your blog feels like my grandmother's kitchen

best of luck