Saturday, January 30, 2010


There are generally 2 types of people who makes lists:

- There are people who make lists and must get everything done on their list by the end of the day, and cross them off They even add things to their list that aren't on their list after they've done them, just to note they've done them and satisfactorily cross them off.

- There are people who make lists of everything that needs to done, even the stuff that isn't for today, they get to what they get to, and they move the rest to a new list, or keep that list floating, or sometimes even drop things off the list.

I am the latter. But I take it to a new art form.

I can make a list of things I want to do, and a month or a year later, I may still have not gotten it done. I'd like to say that it's not procrastinating so much as adept prioritization, where I finally figure out that if it's waited this long, it's either something that really didn't need to happen at any point (if I ever thought it did), or I obviously just didn't want it that much. But sometimes, maybe, possibly... it might be procrastinating. Sometimes, sitting doing nothing, writing a blog, reading a book, taking a walk, getting my nails done, going to the museum, boxing a few rounds, an extra hour of sleep, chatting online, catching up on the DVR, playing a game...any of those things might be more important.

And I get over it.

Until I realize it's been on my list for a year or 3. And then I decide if it's really what I want to do.

Did I mention I have 3 of those things on my to do list today?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

little things to be grateful for

Yes, we can all talk about the important things we are grateful for... but what about the little silly things?

1) matched socks
2) a day with letters in the mailbox and no bills
3) free pizza
4) when you drop your cell phone/ipod/favorite electronic device and it doesn't break
5) friends close enough that you can ask them to scratch your back for you
6) hats that don't give you hat head
7) when someone hears you singing to yourself and it actually wasn't embarrassing
8) snow days when you wanted to stay home anyway
9) a hard rain BEFORE you wash your car
10) the candid photo that turns out to be awesome
11) chocolate covered anything
12) good flavored lip balm
13) when something is not too hot, and not too cool... just right. this goes for food, drinks, rooms and parties
14) going back to sleep so you can continue that good dream. and it works!
15) when your favorite movie you've watched 100 times is on at 1pm on Sunday
16) fingerless gloves
17) comfy sweats
18) self-cleaning ovens
19) just enough rain to keep the grass green, but not enough to ruin your days
20) wireless mice
21) slip on shoes
22) aglets
23) knowing the answer before you hear the question
24) altoids
25) sweet tea with lemon
26) when you find that word that you were looking for before you have to stop your sentence and look clueless
27) the way everyone becomes a 5 year old when they get the chance to suck the helium out of a balloon
28) zits that go away before you wake up
29) when the earworm finally leaves your head, replaced by happy sounds
30) lists that aren't things you have to do

I'll keep adding, hope you might inspired to add some of your little things to be grateful for.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

another day, another list?

Yeah, I live on em.

Today I need to
1) Make a dent in the hard water stains on my shower. I swear, it's like someone dumps chalk in our water! I do not promise clean, I only promise cleaner.
2) Reclaim my guest room. Storage room no more!
3) Spend my CVS extra care bucks (you must do this if you shop there!)
4) Pick up the dry cleaning so I can have something to wear to work when I go back after over 10 days off :(
5) Make the semi-annual trip to Trader Joes for a few yummies.
6) Be girlie and get a manicure.
7) Dig through a pile of papers.
8) Laundry. It never ends.
9) Clean my bedroom, including feed the furniture.
10) Write my list for the week ahead...

And now for a less practical list, because I'm in the mood for it on this 2nd day of the year:

Things I need to keep in mind today and every day
1) Drink water
2) Eat good stuff
3) Do something that makes me giggle
4) Talk to someone that makes me happy
5) Breathe fresh air
6) Bring nothing into the house that I don't love (or need)
7) Get rid of something I don't love from the house
8) Be social
9) Be observant
10) Smile

Have an awesome day. I plan on it.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Home on the first day of the year, looking in the fridge. Haven't done a good full food shopping this week. Decided to re-evaluate the normal shopping list and meal plan

Wanting to try some new recipes... tomorrow I'll be looking for some for the new year. On the list... Veggie chili, chicken chili, a variety of soups, bean burgers... and a creative new salad or 3. Things I can freeze and reheat easily. Things that keep away the fast food, the delivery guy, and the random looking in the fridge thing.

Also wanting to get some quick healthy snack and quick fix items to always have around. I'm usually stocked in apples, carrots, and eggs to hard boil. What else should I have around?

How often do you re-evaluate your food supply? Me, about 3 times a year. One day I'll get it right :)