Tuesday, January 5, 2010

little things to be grateful for

Yes, we can all talk about the important things we are grateful for... but what about the little silly things?

1) matched socks
2) a day with letters in the mailbox and no bills
3) free pizza
4) when you drop your cell phone/ipod/favorite electronic device and it doesn't break
5) friends close enough that you can ask them to scratch your back for you
6) hats that don't give you hat head
7) when someone hears you singing to yourself and it actually wasn't embarrassing
8) snow days when you wanted to stay home anyway
9) a hard rain BEFORE you wash your car
10) the candid photo that turns out to be awesome
11) chocolate covered anything
12) good flavored lip balm
13) when something is not too hot, and not too cool... just right. this goes for food, drinks, rooms and parties
14) going back to sleep so you can continue that good dream. and it works!
15) when your favorite movie you've watched 100 times is on at 1pm on Sunday
16) fingerless gloves
17) comfy sweats
18) self-cleaning ovens
19) just enough rain to keep the grass green, but not enough to ruin your days
20) wireless mice
21) slip on shoes
22) aglets
23) knowing the answer before you hear the question
24) altoids
25) sweet tea with lemon
26) when you find that word that you were looking for before you have to stop your sentence and look clueless
27) the way everyone becomes a 5 year old when they get the chance to suck the helium out of a balloon
28) zits that go away before you wake up
29) when the earworm finally leaves your head, replaced by happy sounds
30) lists that aren't things you have to do

I'll keep adding, hope you might inspired to add some of your little things to be grateful for.


John Rea-Hedrick said...

Great list! It puts me in mind of *Life's Little Instruction Book* from several years ago.

One of my biggest challenges is to be aware of the little things 'in the moment' as they present themselves.

I look forward to watching your list grow!

The Bell Boy said...

Free pizza exists?
What's the number and do they deliver?

Anonymous said...