Friday, January 1, 2010


Home on the first day of the year, looking in the fridge. Haven't done a good full food shopping this week. Decided to re-evaluate the normal shopping list and meal plan

Wanting to try some new recipes... tomorrow I'll be looking for some for the new year. On the list... Veggie chili, chicken chili, a variety of soups, bean burgers... and a creative new salad or 3. Things I can freeze and reheat easily. Things that keep away the fast food, the delivery guy, and the random looking in the fridge thing.

Also wanting to get some quick healthy snack and quick fix items to always have around. I'm usually stocked in apples, carrots, and eggs to hard boil. What else should I have around?

How often do you re-evaluate your food supply? Me, about 3 times a year. One day I'll get it right :)

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