Saturday, January 2, 2010

another day, another list?

Yeah, I live on em.

Today I need to
1) Make a dent in the hard water stains on my shower. I swear, it's like someone dumps chalk in our water! I do not promise clean, I only promise cleaner.
2) Reclaim my guest room. Storage room no more!
3) Spend my CVS extra care bucks (you must do this if you shop there!)
4) Pick up the dry cleaning so I can have something to wear to work when I go back after over 10 days off :(
5) Make the semi-annual trip to Trader Joes for a few yummies.
6) Be girlie and get a manicure.
7) Dig through a pile of papers.
8) Laundry. It never ends.
9) Clean my bedroom, including feed the furniture.
10) Write my list for the week ahead...

And now for a less practical list, because I'm in the mood for it on this 2nd day of the year:

Things I need to keep in mind today and every day
1) Drink water
2) Eat good stuff
3) Do something that makes me giggle
4) Talk to someone that makes me happy
5) Breathe fresh air
6) Bring nothing into the house that I don't love (or need)
7) Get rid of something I don't love from the house
8) Be social
9) Be observant
10) Smile

Have an awesome day. I plan on it.

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