Saturday, July 2, 2011

Yes, this blog is dead. My channels are too plentiful.

I admit that I am unable to multi-task further and there are not enough hours in the day. I am rarely ready for long form sharing anymore. Would I like to blog more? Sure. But like many who play in this space, I am spread too thin.

I took most of my online persona inside the firewall about 4 years ago. I pushed some of it back out on a limited scale on Facebook. I conference on Twitter. This blog has never found its center, partially because I never wanted it to. I never wanted it to call my name. Now, I have an internal work network on Jive that I can access from home. G+ is looking today likes it might at least temporarily supplant my FB and Twitter. I have detritus of experimentation for my 23 things project at work all across the web, from LibraryThing and GoodReads to Tumblr, Flickr (ok, THAT I still use), Delicious and such. I experimented on YouTube, but I hate my own voice. My avatar on Second Life misses me. and Plurk occasionally remind me that I have an account. My Google Reader overfloweth at home. My Attensa feeds are crying for me at work. I check into my location (Foursquare), my media consumption and sometimes thoughts (GetGlue) and even my beer (Untappd), as I can actually carry them in my pocket, and they link to my other stuff, so it's just a new front end. I've Buzzed and Waved, and even looked at Orkut. At work I've abandoned a SharePoint blog, a account, and a few other things someone can find if they search hard enough.

I'm sure I've got abandon-ware all over the place.

So, this blog is dead, long live the blog. This doesn't belong in a Facebook note, but I damned well will cross-post it everywhere.

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