Monday, February 23, 2009


Byn's rules of clutter-proofing:

1) You cannot organize clutter.
2) In order to NOT have clutter, everything must have a place.
3) The place that things go must NOT be a surface (ie. top of counter, desk) that is to be used for something else.
4) Nothing that must be handled (bills, forms etc.) should ever go in a drawer. If it can't see daylight, it will never get done.
5) You are only allowed 1 (one) junk drawer. If you don't know what it is, and haven't figured it out in 6 months, throw it out.
6) Broken things must be thrown out if not fixed within 1 month
7) Except for special occasion things, you must donate everything you have not worn in a year.
8) An unpaired sock only has a week to find it's mate.

These are the ones I'm working on, to start. What are yours?

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